How to Keep Plants Healthy

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Things to Avoid When Growing an Indoor Herb Garden

Growing an indoor herb garden can be both an enjoyable process and it can yield satisfying results. While gardening comes naturally to some people, it can be very challenging for others. Hopefully the following list of things to avoid when growing an indoor herb garden will help to steer you ... Continue to "Things to Avoid When Growing an Indoor Herb Garden"

Providing the Best Environment for Your Indoor Herb Garden

The best way to have success when taking care of an indoor herb garden is to create conditions that are optimal for growth. This can involve a number of different things that can become quite specific depending on the climate conditions where you live and the specific type of herb ... Continue to "Providing the Best Environment for Your Indoor Herb Garden"

Why Do Indoor Plants Need Light?

All plants need light to survive. They use photosynthesis to change light into energy that they can then use to live. Plants are amazing things and light is one of the most important things on their want list. Houseplants have similar light needs as plants that are found in nature. ... Continue to "Why Do Indoor Plants Need Light?"

Light and Temperature: The Right Mix for Your Houseplants

The lighting and temperature of a home are among the things that are the most important when determining how comfortable we are in the house. These things affect almost everything that we do in the house. Light and temperature are also very important to the other living things that are ... Continue to "Light and Temperature: The Right Mix for Your Houseplants"

Indoor Plants and Lighting Overview

Light is arguably the most important thing that a plant needs. Water would be a close second place, but without light, photosynthetic plants simply cannot get the energy that they need to survive. Houseplants sometimes have a difficult time getting all of the light they need from just sunlight available ... Continue to "Indoor Plants and Lighting Overview"

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