Common Houseplants

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Where to Find Information on Poisonous Houseplants

Houseplants are everywhere. Most people have plants in their homes, mostly for looks, but they also help bring a nice feeling to the home, and help to clean the air. There are lots of different plants out there so how do you know if the house plants you have or... ... Continue to "Where to Find Information on Poisonous Houseplants"

Where Are Poisonous Plants Found?

It may seem like there is an obvious answer to the question, where are poisonous house plants found, but let's look a little deeper into the question. There are tons of retailers who sell plants and tons of places to grow plants. There are many places that they could come... ... Continue to "Where Are Poisonous Plants Found?"

The Most Common Poisonous Plants

There are a lot of popular houseplants that almost every person who has a plant in their house will have. Sometimes people don't realize that their favorite plant could actually be poisonous and can severely hurt someone they love. Neither children or pets know that certain things could be dangerous.... ... Continue to "The Most Common Poisonous Plants"

Poisonous Houseplants

There are thousands of different types of house plants. They come in all different sizes and shapes. They can bring wonderful aromas to a home and help to clean the air. If you are thinking about getting a houseplant, and you don't want one that is poisonous, then check this... ... Continue to "Poisonous Houseplants"

Identifying Common Houseplants

One of the biggest challenges facing the amateur gardener is finding some really great houseplants. And even when you have chosen the houseplants you want you may find they are simply not hardy enough to withstand your beginning gardening attempts. Many frustrated gardeners have been known to ask: Are there... ... Continue to "Identifying Common Houseplants"

The Most Colorful Flowering Houseplants

There are a lot of great ways that you can add color to your apartment or house, and one of the great ways that you can add color is with flowering houseplants! Taking care of flowering houseplants also can be a very fun hobby and pastime. There are a lot... ... Continue to "The Most Colorful Flowering Houseplants"

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