How Much Light Do Houseplants Need

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Light is essential for plant growth. Some plants don't need a lot of light while other plants need a ton of it. If you are thinking about getting a plant, and don't know if it is right for you or if you even have a spot in your home where it would get enough light, you need to make sure that you are going to get one that will work for you. Let's take a look at some plants and how much light houseplants need.

There are some tough houseplants that only need a certain amount of light. They like the light barely being there. Sometimes too much light for a plant can be a bad thing. Plants that don't need a lot of light are great for people who don't have a good real light source in their home. Here's a list of some plants that don't need a lot of light:
-Chinese evergreen
-Cast iron plant
-Parlor palm
-Silver evergreen
-Marble queen pothos
-Golden pothos
-Snake plant
-Split leaf philodendron
-Goldband Sansevieria
-Boston Fern

Some houseplants need a medium amount of light. They can't have too much or too little. Here's a list of houseplants that need a medium amount of light:

-Plume asparagus
-Fern asparagus
-Silver vase
-Gold dust plant
-Sprengeri asparagus
-Dwarf Schefflera
-Spider plant
-Grape ivy
-Giant dumbcane
-Bamboo plant
-Spotted dumbcane
-False aralia
-Corn plant
-Striped Dracaena
-Gold dust dracaena
-Red margined dracaena
-Ribbon plant
-India rubber plant
-Velvet plant
-English ivy
-Japanese fatsia
-Weeping fig
-Kentia palm
-Fiddle leaf fig
-Boston fern

-Red veined prayer plant
-Tree philodendron
-Heart leaf philodendron
-Emerald ripple peperomia
-Oval leaf peperomia
-Aluminum plant
-Friendship plant
-African violet
-Cleveland peace lily
-Mauna loa peace lily
-Swedish Ivy
-Inch plant
-Wandering Jew
-Trileaf wonder nephthytis

Some plants need a high amount of light. They need it for their production and to stay alive. If you give these plants less than what they should have then you run the risk of killing them. Here is a list of plants that need a high amount of light:

-Aloe vera
-Zebra plant
-Norfolk island pine
-Joseph's coat
-Ponytail palm
-Kangaroo Vine
-Ti plant
-Jade plant
-Calamondin Orange
-Botanical wonder
-Wax plant
-Blood leaf
-Chinese Hibiscus
-Ming aralia
-Moses in the cradle
-Weeping pododarpus
-Burro's tail
-Christmas cactus

Every single plant needs light. If you don't give it to the plant, it will die. When you pick out the types of plants that you want in your house, make sure that you are picking ones that will work great for your house and that you will have enough light for. Also remember, that some plants are poisonous. Children especially can get harmed so be careful when thinking about buying a poisonous plant if you know children are going to be around it.

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